Will the quality of goose down decrease with storage time?

Goose Down and down products, down content will decrease with storage time?

1. Down is a kind of protein fiber with relatively stable chemical properties. Stored in a dry environment, the down content will remain stable under normal conditions and will not decrease. Storage time and packaging methods will not lead to the decrease of down content. The author took the down jacket produced 25 years ago to test the down content, and did not see a significant decrease in the down content, indicating that the down has good durability.

2. If the down is stored in an environment with relative humidity above 70% for a long time, the down will absorb moisture for a long time more than 13%. The down silk is easy to ferment and degrade under the action of microorganisms, and the down silk is easy to fall off from the down core, resulting in the decrease of down content.

3. Some wool factories will dry the down overly to reduce the moisture in the down, increase the static electricity performance of the down, and by piling means, let the down flower absorb more down silk, feather silk and chicken silk under the action of static electricity, so as to improve the down content when tested. With the natural moisture absorption of down, the static electricity in the down is slowly released, and the static electricity adsorption capacity of the down flower decreases, and some down silk, feather silk and chicken silk fall off from the down flower, and the detection value of the down content will be reduced. \

4. If there is glue down in down, with the extension of storage time to more than 6 months, the glue adhesion will decrease, the wool adhered to the nucleus will fall off, and the down content will also decrease.

5. In order to prevent the down factory from using unconventional means to improve the down content, it is suggested that the enterprise should sample the down samples every 6 months to recheck the down content.

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