As a noble white goose of the goose planet, I would like to tell you why my feather down and velvet are so popular.

  1. We have the same skin as humans and are not allergic.

We are natural animal protein fibers, and your human skin is also made of protein, so we are the most suitable material for comfort; Since they are all animal proteins, they will reduce the incidence of your allergies and are suitable for different groups of people.

2.120 high temperature disinfection, more healthy

You’ve been thinking about how clean we are, but you don’t have to worry about it. We are free-range geese, life is relatively healthy, and we have to go through 120, continuous 30 minutes of steaming, drying disinfection, any bacteria can not survive;

  1. Lowest carbon emissions, protect the earth

You have been saying that PM2.5 is too high to bear, attributing the reason to barbecue, car exhaust, etc., in fact, our carbon dioxide emissions per kilogram of down are only 533 grams, the lowest emissions of all textile materials. 4. 40 below zero is used, more warm

Our feather down is a three-dimensional spherical fiber, full of a lot of still air, with the temperature change and contraction expansion, temperature control function; It can be used from 25 to -40. Look at the North and South Pole science expedition, who didn’t wear us to keep out the cold? If you’re afraid of the cold, use me. Yes!

  1. Moisture absorption, moisture strength, rheumatism

The strong function of down dehumidification is the immune shield of rheumatic diseases. Can play a very good care.

  1. The most durable quilt, passed down three generations

In some places, such as goose down in the Arctic Circle, goose down produced in northeast China, after machine and manual selection, a duvet with 95% velvet content can be used for 30 years, and the service life of the filled down can be as high as 70 years.